Ajuntament de Caldes d'estrach

11. Hotel Colón and the Sea Baths
  • The beaches of Caldes (La Musclera, Can Palés, El Bassiot, Platja de les Barques, Platja dels Tres Micos and Platja de Can Mercè and La Garriga) were very beautiful, and people remember them, almost with nostalgia, especially due to the six breakwaters that separated them. Of all these, the most emblematic one was Platja de les Barques (Beach of the Boats), a name derived from the fact that this is where fishermen beached their boats, selected the fish and mended their nets while chatting. It was thus the ideal place for capturing images for painters such as Commeleran, Barrau, Vila Puig and Apel·les Mestres; or for inspiring poets such as Maragall or Verdaguer. 

    On the beach itself were the Banys Marcel·lí baths, founded by Marcel Xampeny in 1875. Marquees were put up here during the Festa Major celebrations, and this is where the fishermen’s procession on the Festa del Carme left from. In 1881, Pau Mercader and Joan Pigrau built a wooden building near the sea, equipped with all the advances of the time, and gave it the name Baños Colón (which successively became Balneario Colón, Casino Colón and Hotel Colón).

    While the wealthy families were building themselves houses, the lack of clientele led to the disappearance of the inns, and Colón became a casino. 
     There were frequent opulent parties, and even a small airfield was built at the end of the promenade. In 1924, when the anti-gambling law was passed, the establishment became a hotel once more. Hotel Colón underwent a number of reforms until it was closed down and demolished in 2001. Subsequently, the current avant-garde-style building was built on the same site. This new building has nothing to do with the emblematic hotel that still exists in the memory of many families in Caldes.


    1. Santema and the Palau Foundation Street

    2. The Thermal Baths

    3. Capella del Remei

    4. Parròquia de Santa Maria (Parish of St. Mary)

    5. The Watchtowers

    6. The Old Town Centre and the Lime Kiln

    7. Capella del Carme and Carrer d´El Callao Street

    8. The Railway Station

    9. Caldes and Joan Maragall

    10. Passeig dels Anglesos

    11. Hotel Colón and the Sea Baths

    12. The Mills

    13. Can Comillas and Can Nadal

    14. Can Vidal, Hotels and Inns

    15. Can Muntanyà Park

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